Welcome to the new AIChE Executive Board for 2014-2015:
President: Mike Brown
Vice President of Operations: Meaghan Shea
Treasurer: Katie Gigante
Secretary: Rishi Gupta
Social Chair: Chelsea Harris
Internal Communications Chair: Katy Burgio
Mentorship Chair: Nam Pham
Publicity Chair: Colin Baker
Webmaster: Alex Yang

ChemE Car Committee:
ChemE Car President : Christopher Fu

The Alumni and Corporate Relations Committee Leaders for 2014-2015:
Head Director: Abhishek Ramanan
Associate Directors: Mitchell Slovin, Maya Sankaran
Committee Members: Rachel Kumar, Aaron Liu, Richard Young

Service branch leaders:
Vice President of Service: Zach Furcolo
Wahoo Wizards Co-Chairs: Sarah Shamsie, Lauren Reichert


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