AIChE at UVA has already hosted several events this semester, including alumni visits, volunteering opportunities, student panels, and information sessions held by company representatives:

AIChE Student Industry Panel
On October 2nd, AIChE at UVA held a chemical engineering industry panel where fourth years spoke about their summer experiences in industry and responded to students’ questions regarding applications and their work.

Eastman Info Session
Eastman Chemical Company came to UVA on October 15th to discuss how to determine a company’s culture. Recently-hired employees held a very open discussion about assessing a company’s culture with a company representative.

Wahoo Wizards at Broadus Wood Elementary School
Wahoo Wizards paid a visit to the 2nd graders of Broadus Wood Elementary School for their second event of the semester. The kids loved the activities and engaging with chemical engineering students while learning about science and experimentation.

Alumni Visit – Jessica Larsen
Alumni Jessica Larsen, class of 2012, made her way back to UVA on behalf of her graduate school program at Auburn University to discuss graduate school, transitioning, and graduate programs.

Alumni Visit – Chad Grotegut
Chad Grotegut, UVA ChE ’94, returned to UVA on October 21st to share his journey from chemical engineering to medical school and beyond while providing students with advice about professional schools.

Look for more exciting events in the future!


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